Meet Avanti

Seed of an idea was sown

The seed of the Avanti was sown with the DC ‘S’ showcased at the 2008 Auto Expo at Delhi. The huge interest and response propelled us to think of developing a Sports car.

Taking the Idea Forward

Effective ground work, market research and feasibility studies lead to a drawing board version of the envisaged sports car.

The First Avanti Concept

DC Design showcased the ‘Avanti’, in a brand new avatar, totally removed from 2008 DC ‘S’ at the 2012 Auto Expo at Delhi. This car, christened the ‘Avanti’, was shown to a rapturous audience and was critically acclaimed. This response further convinced DC Design to launch this product in a niche segment. By April 2012, the Company had secured substantial domestic orders even though the car was few years away from production. With the acceptance of orders, a commitment was made to develop and engineer this car. While all the engineering aggregates were being developed around library parts from Indian OEMs, the choice of engine was clearly and definitively decided on a French manufacturer. By November 2012, a private equity investor evinced an interest to come on board, as this project required new equity, internal funds and debt.

Design and Engineering Finalisation

Through the year 2013, the focus was on finalizing the design and engineering aspects of the Avanti. All vendor components were finalized and design and engineering was being calibrated around these components. The Company would focus on its core competency in design of body, interiors and chassis. By December 2013, it was clear that the Avanti would be built with a carbon fibre body.

The Pre-Production Avanti Launch

As per plan, the first pre–production Avanti was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo as the final designed, engineered and produced version of the original 2012 concept - again to a great response. While this version was unmistakably identifiable as the 2012 Avanti concept, in effect there are no two parts in common with the original 2012 concept. The rest of 2014 was spent engineering the cars for production. Once design and engineering was frozen, several validation vehicles were involved in lakhs of kilometers of testing, across India, the design, reliability and serviceability of the design.